What Matters to Me

The following values create the foundation that enables me to share my time with you in a way that is truly beneficial for you and sustainable for me. My intention is both to honor your expression of these values and to support your deepening experience of them.


Presence is being in your body, having sensory awareness, acknowledging your thoughts and emotions and letting them be. It is crucial to be able to witness your experiences without alteration, embellishment, judgment, explanation, apology, flattery, expectation, manipulation, or control. My sessions teach how to witness yourself and others with honesty, love, and acceptance.

When you are present to your own experience, your relationship with yourself deepens. When you are present in your experience with another, you can access a greater sense of connection and a deeper understanding of yourself as you are reflected by the other. Presence improves your ability to know your desires, to choose appropriate boundaries, and therefore to create the experiences you really want to have.


Openness is a dance between acceptance of what is and readiness for what can be--or between the desired outcome and the journey that desire inspires. It involves openness to new ways of being, as well as the willingness to let go of habits, assumptions, expectations, and the pretense of obligation. Openness is essential for the ability to receive attention, to learn, to know and love the self, to connect with another--it is simply essential for your greatest benefit from our time together.


Respect involves acknowledging and honoring both ourselves and each other. One of my teachers encouraged me to think about respect from its root definition, “to look again,” which means to set aside assumptions and to develop a more open perspective. Your experiences with yourself and others will deepen if you take another open-hearted look.


Gratitude is one of my favorite feelings. When I am grateful, I am feeling with my heart, present to what is, and able to see how I am blessed and what I value. I participate more in my life, I feel inspired, I am aware of my body, and I am thankful for all of my human experiences. I pay attention to what I experience on all the levels of my being.

I hope that this work inspires you to become grateful for your life experiences, and especially your body. Gratitude is a way to be present in the flow of abundance in your life--a way to value yourself, to welcome change and newness, and to extend yourself in ways that ultimately nourish you. It is a beautiful way of being that will continually expand your experiences.


Your capacity for self-love is crucial, because this work is only good if it truly benefits you.Whenyou love yourself you value experiences that inspire, revitalize, and soothe you. You make choices that support your growth and well-being. You intimately learn compassionate ways of being that you can then extend to others. I offer this work to those who seek a positive experience--I will not permit my time and energy to be part of any self-destructive behavior.

Ability to Receive

The ability to receive attention is essential for each of us in order to be whole and healthy. Receiving attention, whether through being touched, listened to, or seen, is a way to maintain your vitality and sense of connectedness in the world. Being able to receive attention is a prerequisite to learning how to give attention. You can learn a lot about how to give by being present to your experience of receiving.

Willingness to Learn

Please be willing to learn. Through our time together, you may learn new skills and tools, ways of being, ways of communicating, or ways of connecting with another. This kind of learning involves the willingness to receive information from different sources, like your body, intuition, and imagination. This is about remembering the proper function of the mind: to create and maintain a safe space for wisdom, intuition, creativity, and desire to come forth, and to choose appropriate boundaries in order to manifest wonderful experiences.

In my sessions, learning does not involve judgment or shame. When we meet, I accept you as you are and I honor your experience whether it is your first or hundredth time. My intent is always to support your growth and well-being wherever you are on your path.

Please visit me if you are ready to have an expansive experience of your authentic sexual and creative self; to have the sensory experience you most need; to grow in your capacity to love yourself and others; and to revel in playful fun!