Reciprocity is an opportunity to engage in free-flowing play with me. After we set an intention for our time together, we can explore the give-and-take of erotic energy in whatever manner we choose. This time is intended to be relaxed and hot, to honor the unique experience of connecting with each other, and to help us explore together with reverence for our shared experience.


We will begin with tea and conversation in order to establish the ground rules for our time together. From there, we will explore, always maintaining our communication and respect for each other’s pleasure. Elements of Sensual Exploration and Fantasy Exploration may be incorporated into our Reciprocity session when it is desirable and appropriate.

I am passionate about sensual living, the subtlety and intensity of it all. I invite fellow sensualists who share my enthusiasm for the realm of full-bodied pleasure to come and play with me.

Reciprocity allows us access to my erotically appointed den of decadence.

Often, the connection we create through Reciprocity lends itself well to extended social engagements. I offer several options for longer adventures for those who just can’t get enough.

One hour: $400
Ninety minutes: $550
Two hours: $700
Three hours: $1000
Four hours: $1200
Six hours: $1800
Twelve hours: $3000
Twenty-four hours: $5000

In addition, I am happy to provide an erotic epicurean catered experience (and the dining surface) for an additional $200. In Seattle, I am blessed to know a food artist whose specialties include erotic cuisine and desserts, as well as an emphasis on beautiful, fresh, local, organic foods. Unless we are dining in and I provide our epicurean experience, you are responsible for any additional costs of our adventure.