Travel Schedule

I am based in Seattle, Washington. However, I occasionally visit other cities, and I am available to meet you in places you enjoy. If you would like to invite me to join you in another city, please inquire about my travel rates and policies.

Upcoming travel plans:

Boston: April 30-May 3 and May 6-9

Seattle: May 10-23

Seattle Location

My lovely studio is easily located just a few minutes north of downtown Seattle, and street parking is typically ample.

Inside, you will find an abundance of beauty, art, toys, and other lush, life-affirming things. Amenities include a bathroom with a large clawfoot tub, a wide range of personal care products, and robes for your comfort.

I strongly prefer to meet in my studio. I sometimes consider outcall appointments to hotels in downtown Seattle and Bellevue. I require an additional donation of $80 for an outcall appointment.


Please have any gifts and your donation prepared before you arrive. Upon your arrival, you may place your gifts on an altar designated for this purpose. You will find it located in the entryway of my studio on a small round copper-topped table.

Please be respectful and do not discuss your donation with me. My donation rates reflect how I value my time and energy and what I require in order to continue to offer my high quality sessions. I ask you to honor my donation rates as a way of respecting me, my time and energy, and also the value that your experience has for you. My donation rates are non-negotiable.

If you would like to offer me an additional gift, I welcome anything that supports my ability to continue to offer my work: live plants, art, art supplies, tea, toys, and gift cards to places like Trader Joe’s, Babeland, Nordstrom, and so on are always very much appreciated.

Gifts and donations do not imply or create any contract for sexual services, and I will terminate our session/communication if you attempt to create any such contract. Gifts and donations are only intended as a way to honor my time.


As much as possible, I offer a flexible schedule for appointments. I strongly prefer weekday appointments. Evenings and weekend days are possible, but I require sufficient advance notice. I typically do not schedule appointments on Friday night or Saturday night. I take time off when I need to.

First-time clients: Please allow several days for my screening process before your desired appointment date. For established clients, advance scheduling with at least 24 hours notice is typically required for all sessions. I welcome more advance notice if it’s possible. Give yourself the gift of anticipation by planning ahead! Spontaneity isn’t the only enjoyable thing... with advance scheduling, you will have a lot to look forward to.


If life circumstances force you to cancel our appointment, there will be no penalty for cancellations with more than 24 hours notice. If you cancel with less than 24 hours notice, I may request fifty percent of the cancelled appointment in order to book another session with me.



You may contact me by phone or email. I require a phone call prior to scheduling for all new clients. This can be scheduled via email if necessary.

I do my best to return calls promptly, but sometimes my schedule causes delays. I will respond to your phone call as soon as possible and typically within 24 hours. Occasionally, I may not be available by phone over the weekend, in which case I will return your phone call as soon as I am able to in the beginning of the week.

Please be responsible for the information on this website prior to contacting me. I greatly appreciate it when you can take the time to answer your own questions.

When contacting me for the first time, please be prepared to give me your full name, the name you preferred to be called, phone number, email address, and work information. If you have two local practitioner references, one reference from, or one reference from a healer/shamanic practitioner who knows me, I will need only your name, phone number, and email address. When offering your reference information, please give me the url’s for the practitioners’ websites in addition to their contact information. For my own security, I may ask you for two pieces of identification the first time we meet.

I will receive phone calls after 8 am and no later than 9 pm. Please leave me a respectful message with your name and phone number if you reach my voicemail. I dislike being called repeatedly by those who don’t leave messages. If you cannot receive a return phone call because of your own needs for privacy and discretion, let me know your name and situation in a voicemail. I will always respect your requirements for discretion, and I will not call you back if you let me know that you cannot receive a phone call. You may consider scheduling a phone call with me via email if this is your situation. My phone number is 206*595*8471.

Preparation and Etiquette

Please be sober upon your arrival. I understand that nerves can be common, but I find that alcohol in particular is often an impediment to having a great session.