Here are a few of the thank-you notes I have treasured from those who have visited me. Thank you, all of you, who have enabled me to do what I love and to be who I am!

Dear Sophia, There is no one word that can fully describe you. Not only that you are intoxicatingly sexy and beautiful, talented at your job and very open-minded to accommodate my needs, you are also very kind and sweet, very intelligent, very sensitive and loving. There may be others who can do your type of work, but there is no one else who can do what you do and have that deep connection with me. Over these years of our time together, I really appreciate you for what you have done. Thank you!

L. Seattle

You are kind of a genius.

C. San Francisco


If there was ever an earthly heaven, it would be with you. You have been such a marvelous gift to me. The descent from the clouds was slow and peaceful yesterday and your challenge of creativity has not been forgotten. I will take before and after pictures of my projects for you...not to impress... only to share. Our conversation about sabotaging our creative side was one of my early morning thoughts. Can't wait to send the first installment picture! Take care Sophia hummingbird.

S. Seattle

Anticipation - to see and provide for beforehand. to look forward to.

Gift - the act or power of giving.something given. a special ability - talent.

Sophia, thank you for alerting me to the concept, "give yourself the gift of anticipation!"

It has been an intense, joyous, and marvelous journey.  We have almost arrived!


T. Seattle

Thanks. I can't wait to see you again......and again.......and...

P. Seattle

I had a GREAT time with you. You are sooooooooooo freaking sexy.

Just wanted to say thanks. You just went to the TOP of my list. I think you may be addictive.....

Have a great weekend. I'm going to TRY not to think about you Saturday....

M. Seattle

Dear Sophia,

Some would say it was no big deal...nothing unusual...nothing out of the ordinary. Some would say it was just a date, just an overnighter, just a weekend get-a-way. Some would say it was just a foolish old man trying to feel young again. They would be wrong. It was none of those things.

It was a really nice time with an even nicer young woman. It was a rare respite from the demands and realities of daily life. It was a healing for a void that can at times be painful. But most of all, it was a special gift from a special person for which I am very grateful!

Thank you is some how not enough.


J. Denver

Sophia - Thank you again for an incredible time. My toes are still numb...

R. Seattle


I just wanted to say thank you again for yesterday it was incredible. You made me feel welcome and comfortable. The energy was great and you just have a way that meldseverything together.

I look forward to doing it again.

Humbly, T. Atlanta

Hi Sophia,

Thank you so much for meeting with us...I have just now come down from what was one of the most exhilirating experiences for me. I just wanted to tell you again what an amazing person I think you are and I truly believe you have so much to offer and teach to everyone you touch.

S. Seattle

Hi Sophia,

Wow. I'm still humming with the energy of our time together. Like I said, you're better than a month of therapy!

I think it speaks well of you as a person and a practitioner that you can help me to such a high level of intimacy and satisfaction in such a measured and focused situation. I think that's a rare talent!

I thought it was interesting that the "instrumentality" gave way, in the final moments, to a deeper intimacy of control and connection. You were really forcing me to adore you, and you did a damn good job of it! (Better even than my friend, whom I mentioned. I think you understand better what's going on.)

So, thank you! You're helping me explore deeper than I have ever been.

Best wishes,

D. Seattle

Hi Sophia,

Just a quick note to say thank you for everything on Saturday.

I am still processing what happened…but what moved for me is sticking. I can look at those pieces of my life now and they no longer control me. My heart and body now believe what my mind has known. I didn’t know how “loud” and consuming this was inside me. The silence is amazing and now there is a void inside me that I will work to fill with love, warmth and healing growth while I get to know myself again, a new me, awakened.

Thank you for witnessing, for seeing me, for understanding what I was struggling with and for helping me step into that place coming back out healed and more whole than I have ever been.

As I look to continue my healing and growth I look forward to working with you more, hopefully in more gentle ways.

Thank you!

Warm Regards,

M. Seattle

Hi there Sophia, we had a session a couple of months ago. I do hope that you do not think that I have forgotten about you but it took me a while to put into words my feelings about our session. I don’t know if I did a good job of saying this at the end of our session but I was completely blown away. You are truly a gem and our session will always hold a special place in my heart as you have managed to help me find something that I have been looking seeking for a long time.

Sophia, I came to you to make an attempt to get in touch with a part of myself that I didn't know existed. You delivered...in spades. You see before I had that session with you I had never allowed myself to be completely open with a woman. Whenever I would be with a woman I would always be somewhere else, and my mind and my body would never be engaged in what was happening, and to be honest a part of me would be nervous. During our session I made it a point to let all of that go and allow myself to let you take the lead and I will never regret doing that. You were PERFECT and I am forever grateful to you that now I know what to do in my personal life. Thank you Sophia. Words do no justice to the experience you gave me and I will never forget it. And if I am single in Seattle again you will hear from me.

P. Seattle

Thank you- thank you -thank you!

You gave me a wonderful experience and I was truly honored to meet you and share timewith you.

You are a fantastic woman and I will remember our meeting for a long time!!

Again, thank you!!!

A. Chicago

Dear Sophia,

I don't think I need to tell you...I think you know...what a pleasure it was for me to meet you this afternoon. But I just can't let the evening pass without writing to thank you most sincerely for an unforgettable encounter! You are a beautiful, sensitive, and loving woman and an intelligent and caring person, and I feel very lucky that your face and voice will now linger in my memory.

I would count myself very lucky too if our paths should cross again.


G. Seattle


It was an immeasurable pleasure both meeting and spending time with you. You are one of life's treasures. I look forward to sharing many more moments, bathed in ecstasy, with you. We are a nice fit.


T. Boston

Hi Sophia

Thanks for a lovely time this morning. I appreciate you taking time out of a stressful time and hope that our time together helped to take mind off things for at least awhile. You have an amazing touch and sensual nature. Thanks for sharing that with me!

Y. London


Well first, thank you again for such a grand session. I was high for the week.

As for the video, I'd have to rate this as being one of the best and hottest to date. This one's a real rib tickler. You looking so beautiful, hearing that sweet music of you singing those lovely arias again, this one is going to be a favorite.

Thank you for being such a lovely model and being such a sport in allowing me to indulge in this fetish. It was all great fun, and it's extra nice to have the video to relive that experience.

J. Seattle

Hi Sophia,

Thanks for sharing a beautiful evening with me last night. My confidence is improving :) I appreciate the safe, comfortable, and warm environment you provide. I look forward to seeing you again for more "training."

G. Seattle

Sophia, I just wanted to thank you again for your generosity this morning. You have a wonderful way about you, and I feel very fortunate to have crossed your path.

Best Wishes,

C. Seattle

Hello Miss Sophia,

Thank you for seeing me today, I am still enjoying the experience from this afternoon's fun and games. I hope I can see you again as time and funds permit.

Thanks again,

B. Seattle