General Information

I believe that it is fundamentally important for people to directly experience erotic energy, and I offer opportunities for you to do so in a safe and loving way. While all of my sessions share the same foundation, each offers a different approach and a different way of relating to another person in an erotic context.

I offer my work to individuals of all genders, orientations, bodies, and so forth. I will consider meeting with anyone who is of an appropriate age, ability to consent, and ability to treat me in the ways I have requested. (See Intentions for information about what matters to me.)

All of my sessions are also available to partners. It is truly an honor to witness and facilitate the erotic energy that partners share. You can be assured that we will take enough time to communicate desires and boundaries so that the session is a good experience for all people involved. Please note that I require a conversation with all participants in partner sessions prior to scheduling. (Couples: See Fantasy Exploration for my special Strap-On Skills session!)

Sessions for first-time clients must be at least 90 minutes long. Shorter appointments simply do not offer enough time for us to meet, get to know each other, and enjoy an unrushed experience. Alternatively, first-time clients who wish to meet me before booking a session may request a meeting at a cafe. Cafe dates are 30 minutes long, and I request a donation of $80 for my time. For discretion, please offer the donation enclosed in a book, a card, or a gift bag.

Please inquire if you wish to see me with one of my colleagues, and I will let you know if it is possible to accommodate your interests.

When in Seattle, I prefer to meet for sessions in my private in-call studio. (See Logistics for more information about my studio.) I will occasionally consider meeting you in your hotel in downtown Seattle or Bellevue. I require an additional $60 donation for all outcall appointments.

Please note that I do not offer illegal services, and any request for illegal services will force me to immediately terminate our conversation or meeting.