Fantasy Exploration is an opportunity to explore the erotic life of your mind and the edges of your sensual experience. Although not all fantasies are meant to be experienced, sometimes it is very important to experience a fantasy. I can create a safe, accepting, and playful space for you to explore your wilder dreams.


Like Sensual Exploration, Fantasy Exploration focuses primarily on your experience receiving attention or following my leadership during our time together. Fantasy Exploration can help you become adept at identifying and communicating your desires, as well as giving you an opportunity to experience some of them.

I have particular expertise in and enthusiasm for strap-on play, sensation play, sensual domination, nipple torture, CBT, water sports, sensory deprivation, bondage, tickle torture, spanking, impact play, and gender exploration.

Did I mention strap-on play? Make no mistake: strap-on play is one of my very favorite games. I have a wealth of experience and a sizable collection of toys to give you exactly what you need.

Another note regarding strap-on play: while for many people, strap-on play may include a dominant/submissive dynamic--and this is certainly fun to explore--it is also true that strap-on play can be a very sweet, soft, and sensual experience. I enjoy a full range of expression, and I encourage those who wish to explore strap-on play outside of a BDSM dynamic to contact me. I am quite interested in and capable of creating an experience for you that truly matches your interests. Indeed, this holds true for other types of Fantasy Exploration as well. In order to support your authentic erotic expression, my sessions are not limited by stereotypes.

I am certainly open to hearing your fantasies, but I do not indulge all requests I receive. I will not participate in unsafe or illegal activities, and I do not offer sessions involving switching, homophobia, degrading feminization, strangulation, needles or blood. I may refer you to some of my favorite pro-dommes if I sense that you would be better served by one of them.

A note about etiquette: While I am very open-minded, please consider whether your interests truly match mine before contacting me with your fantasy questions. Please, do not ask for anything I have stated I will not do or I will terminate our communication/session. In general, please be very respectful in your communication with me about your fantasies. I will not respond to lewd, explicit, or disrespectful inquiries.

Fantasy Exploration allows us access to my dynamic toy-laden play space. The donation is $250 per hour. (Please note that this rate applies only to Seattle sessions. Consult my Eros ad for my travel rates.)

*** Special note for couples! I love strap-on play so very much that I have created a session to share my joy with people who want to learn the ins-and-outs for their own pleasure. My Strap-On Skills Session is a 2-hour session designed to give couples all the guidance and hands-on experience they need to get rocking at home. While I recommend bringing your own toys, it is not required. The donation for this session is $450. Please inquire for further details. ***