In The Beginning

I had already spent a few years studying sexuality in the library of my alma mater when my career as a sex worker officially began more than a decade ago. After meeting at a party, Mistress Matisse asked me to be in a movie she was making about her work as a professional dominatrix. A newcomer to sex work, BDSM, and fetish gear, I had little difficulty playing my role as the innocent-yet-naughty maid. I was delighted to work with everyone there, who struck me as accomplished professionals. Driving home from the shoot, I felt tremendous gratitude that I had found my path in such a positive way.

Soon after the film, I started working at Babeland, a women-owned business dedicated to sexual health and education. At the same time, I began my six year tenure at Seattle’s iconic peep show, the Lusty Lady. Between the two jobs, I became a skilled listener and knowledgeable teacher of many sexual subjects. As an entertainer, I mastered the art of tease and seduction, I learned how to connect without words or touch, and I became open to an ever-expanding world of sexual expression, for which I was both a muse and a witness.

In those early years, I saw that it is vital for people to have someone with whom to explore sexuality--someone who can be a witness without judgment, a compassionate playmate, a teacher with integrity. I also saw that I could positively impact the world by helping people accept their sexual nature and by modeling healthy sexual expression. Despite the limitations of the context of erotic entertainment, I looked for ways to honor the essential beauty of being sexual and human.

Eventually, I was blessed to meet the people--friends, dominatrixes, escorts, tantrikas, shamanic practitioners, and all sorts of other healers--who helped me expand my work into its present forms. Of course I still want my clients to have outrageously blissful fun--and I also want our time together to create lasting, positive effects in my clients’ lives beyond my studio. I have shaped my work to contribute to the sexual healing and well-being of individuals and our culture. My current work reflects my passion, experience, and desire to manifest only that which is good, true, and beautiful about sexuality in this world.


I now offer a range of sessions which reflect my holistic understanding of sexuality, creativity, and spirituality. These sessions are always tailored for each individual, and they have different impact and meaning for people. This work can address all levels of being: physical, spiritual, emotional, and relational. It can be healing in a number of ways for individuals and for our culture.

My sessions are an opportunity to experience your whole authentic self, free of cultural limitations and expectations about gender and sexuality. I believe that it is fundamentally important for people to have good experiences of their body and sexual nature, especially in a culture with so much ignorance, fear, repression, wounding, and unhealthy obsession with sexuality.

Although I consider my work to be grounded in my own spiritual practice, there is no required spiritual or religious practice implied by these sessions... with the exception of love. My own spiritual practice is informed not only by western tantric practices, but also by a cross-cultural study of shamanic cultures and my own exploration of various healing modalities. Your session may or may not include an explicit conversation about spirituality depending on your interests. As with all aspects of this work, nothing will be forced upon you--your interest, consent, and permission are always primary considerations in how we proceed.

You will find that I am fairly easy to be around--and if you are nervous at first, know that that’s normal. We will always take the time to form a genuine connection and to proceed in a way that is truly comfortable and desirable for both of us. My intention is only to create good and beautiful experiences. I am utterly grateful for the people who come to see me, as your presence allows me to do what I love to do. I hope that when you visit me you will know how deeply I appreciate the opportunity you create for me to be myself, just as I offer my work as an opportunity for you to be your wonderful self. It takes two to tango, they say.


People frequently ask why I choose to do this. There are several simple answers to that question: I was born to do it, I am very good at what I do, I see everyday that this work is necessary, and I believe in the positive impact that I can make in this way.

I think that a more useful question is how I choose to do this. The answers to this question are more “real” and relevant to you:

  • with a commitment to your and my own physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being;
  • with reverence for the body, sexuality, and creativity;
  • with deep gratitude and respect for myself and my clients;
  • with acceptance, non-judgment, trust, clear communication, positivity, confidentiality, safety, and integrity;
  • with a holistic understanding of erotic and creative experience;
  • with the full range of skills that I have developed as an artist, bodyworker, entertainer, teacher, and shamanic practitioner;
  • and with tremendous passion!